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16-08-2006, 09:17
Salve a tutti!

lets go into action...

In the morning hours some strong cells explode in Trieste gulf, I am driving towards Prosecco:


When I arrive there, view into the sea looks amazing. Prosecco was in the middle of two lines of storms, one was south of me over Slovenian coast, the other was on the north part of the gulf near Grado:


The upper line was pretty impressive at the beginning:



Looking towards Slovenian coast where intense downpours were on going:


A few moments later I surprisedly noticed a funnel cloud from the northern cell:


This northern line then headed over Karst, it became clear over the sea. The southern line meanwhile got nice shape, a strong cell formed on the side:


This strong cell was slowly progressing towards me and creating excelent contrasts with the clear sky on the north:


Then I noticed a shelf cloud on the back side of this cell. What a hell? Probably the outflow from northern line caused boundary between where shelf was easily created, otherwise it couldn't be formed on the back side. Pretty rare stuff I suppose:


Closer view into shelf cloud:


Then the cell continued to move faster towards me, I shot these pics before it hits me:



Right before it hits me with intensity around 200mm/h:


I moved to Sistiana where it was clear for an hour already, became pretty warm and nice to take some pics. Looking back towards northern Istria over the line:


Closer look into the flanking line in the back:


A view towards southern Friuli over clear air with some cumulus cloud with pileus ocassionally on their tops:


The current situation then cleared out, radar images became clear, so I decided to go home for awhile. I was in expectation of later action since there were better conditions expected in the afternoon for some more organized systems to form. Po valley and much of north Italy cleared out, but there was a lot of low-level moisture left from this morning storms, so with expected forcing in the late afternoon with a comming upper through I was happy to see that.
In the matter of condition I assumed it could form a squall-line from Veneto into Friuli and I was thinking it could also form a "tail-end Charlie" type supercell at the back of the line. With the increasing SSE winds from the Adriatic sea this was practically easily possible, south Veneto and Friuli is a great place to get such things.

At around 16h it was starting to overheat over the Karst so the Cumulus were firing up like crazy. In the middle levels there was approaching a thick layer of clouds:


Cu towers were punching into it and easily breaking through them, so pileus on the tops were formed:



More detailed view into these pileus caps:




I wam looking into the radar images and in central Veneto a nice line of storms is forming, it was time ti go! I called my buddy and we headed towards our target, marked somewhere near Palmanova in southern Friuli.

One last shot back over the Karst into cumulus towers with pileus on the top:


When we were approaching the Monfalcone the line was already visible ahead of us, well defined sharp towers on the west side:


Quickly checking the radar...and shock! A strong cell formed on the back; "This is our baby, it will cut off and isolate it", I tell to my friend. Here is a radar animation of whole squall line with a cutting supercell on its tail, which headed in a different direction like the rest of the cells in the line, towards better condition. Like I assumed, we were getting a tail-end Charlie supercell!!


We are heading further north, looking at the radar I decided to go near Manzano since it looked like it. I take this pic near S. Giovanni, compact system with sharp edges on the west:


But cell meanwhile makes a turn more the SSE, ahhh...changing plans! Heading from Manzano west back to the highway and quickly back towards SSE. While I was driving we were looking at intense lightning strikes on our right, it was time to go as quickly as possible in front of this monster. I went off the highway in Villesse and found a good spot for taking pics there. The action was already on going:


I am looking into the system, it looks pretty interesting with its structures..hmm...what is that...it was too dark to classify what is going on in front of us, so I was looking at the pics on my camera. "OMG, I see a beaver's tail!!!" I scream to my buddy. Pretty rare stuff visible anywhere on the planet, especially here in Europe. I have never seen it before! Oh man, and we're looking at it on my home territory!

On this pic you can already see a mesocyclone on the left with nice beaver's tail forming on the right:


Lightning strikes are closer and closer, adrenaline wasn't missing this time:



One nice strike on the right over the FFD:


One strike closer to us, it started just above us and turned into the core:


More and more lightning strikes...its showtime!!



An amazing view over beaver's tail with mesocyclone and wall cloud on the left:



Take this two pics for system parts identification, first photos is a reference for the second one where I draw those important parts:



1) mesocyclone - rotating part on the supercell on the left
2) wall cloud under the meso + inflow tail from the right attached to the wall cloud. This is the main low-level moist feeder into the cell
3) pretty well defined round shaped in the top called inflow bands/striation
4) horizontally lying beaver's tail on the right (it was on the ENE side like usually)
5) on the NE side there is a FFD - forward-flank downdraft with intense downpours and hail

This shot was made excelent with this lightning strike striking from the anvil above through the beaver's tail into the ground.

But then strikes were closer and closer! A direct hit about 500 metres away:


Now its time going faster, a fight with the last seconds of the action! There was an impressive shelf cloud on our left which was heading towards SSE. OMG in the next moment this insane strike hits infront of us, just 150 metres away!! I scream to my friend: "holy s**t, man...we're in the bear's cage!!!" Bear's cage is the most dangerous part of the supercell storm, a tornado can easily form here and its hard to see it because it could be rain wrapped! Thankfully in this case the first priority was intense rainfall and a hailstorm since the steep lapse-rates and cold air in the upper air:


Ohh man, killer strikes were smashing into the ground like in the war...all was shaking of so much thunder around us! But these are the best moments; more danger ---> more adrenaline ---> outstanding shots!

I was playing music in my car, like it knew what is going on there was an excelent song playing in the back by Dimmu Borgir - The Maelstrom Mephisto ... with words Hold your shadows close when the comedy is over http://www.weather-photos.net/images/metal016.gif Any metallers in you willd know what I am talking about :)

Fighting with the last seconds I am looking into the core and almost praying...come on, hit it...make me the closest strike ever! And the next moment it was here, the most powerful strike I'vwe ever taken with my camera hits just 50 metres in front of us, right next to that house!!! Holy s**t this was one freaking sound, no time difference between the light and thunder...wow a fantastic feeling! Our bodies were shaking 'cause of it!


Then first drops started to fall, ahh we have to go! I made a little mistake, we were staying there a bit too long and we won't make it to escape from it, since we had more than 3km way to get back into the highway in Villesse and heading south. But we had to go anyway, about 1km before the tollway intense downpours with more than 300mm/h hit us and in the next moments, before we reach the tollway, hail comes! It was smashing like crazy, visibility was practically zero, but we cannot stay there. We need a shelter now. I took the toll paper, first we were in doubt or should we stay on the tollway or not, but we couldn't...there is no space, let's go further. My car was all shaking of strong outflow winds from the side (probably above 100km/h) and intense hail (3-4cm in diameter) punching into it. Lightning strikes hiting all around us.
This is how the hailstorm massacre looked like:


I am driving further on the last turn before the highway and in the next moment an insane killer lightning strike hits just in front of us it was just about 5 metres away!!! The car was shaking like crazy even more, oh man this was th closest ever!!


Driving further, because there was a bridge 30 metres in front of us, this should be a shelter. The highway was totally blocked by cars, I at least found a spot to park my car aside, at least it wasnt hiting it directly! I still cannot believe there is not a single scratch on it made by hail, surprisedly its all ok.
These two shots are made under the bridge, 5-10cm hail cover on the ground:



This is a radar image composed from four images, with white dot I marked my location. A pretty impressive hook echo visible from this scans, classic view of tornadic supercell on the radar!! I've never seen this before on the Osmer radar.


Really spectacular day for the history, I planned it a day before since there were good conditions on going, really fantastic experience with an excelent positioning right into the tail-end Charlie supercell.

All pics + some other are here:

Yes, I know I am insane and crazy...buy hey, I love danger!! :smoke

Take care, guys!

Ciao, Marko :ciauz1

16-08-2006, 09:27
stupende, specie quelle del funnel e dei pileus!

p.s. ragazzi, questo devo andare subito tra i reportages del sito!

16-08-2006, 09:48
Straordinario report Marko!
Number one of Slovenia chaser!!!!!
Ciao da snoww

16-08-2006, 09:56
Complimenti, bellissimo reportage! ;10) :sorriso1

16-08-2006, 09:58
:inchino :inchino :inchino :inchino :inchino

Marko, S-T-R-A-O-R-D-I-N-A-R-I-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16-08-2006, 10:03

SPETTACOLARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


16-08-2006, 10:48
Mitico è dir poco!

E pensare che ero a casa a cena col parentado pochi km a Sud, e anche lì il finimondo (ma solo grandine senza accumulo bianco!).

Impressionante questa, stavolta il Basso Isontino ha regalato panorami quasi American-Plains-style:


ma fantastiche anche tutte le altre :smoke :ciauz1

16-08-2006, 11:06
SIMPLY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;10) ;10) ;10) ;10) ;10)

16-08-2006, 11:10
Great reportage !
Fantastic images, thank you.

16-08-2006, 11:32
Foto spettacolari, complimentoni Marko!!! ;el)) ;10) ;10) :ciauz1

16-08-2006, 12:07
veramente senza parole!!!!!!!!..............i pileus sembra che hai fatto un salto lassu' :inchino :inchino :inchino :inchino :up
il resto e' superlativo......... :ciauz1

16-08-2006, 22:19
Thanks you guys for all your nice comments, I really appreciate it!! ;pov.. ;10)

Guys I have something more for you...first the closest lightning strike mentioned in my first post, but this time image is croped into the place where it hit, its interesting that it didn't hit the power line on the right, it hit the ground! :smoke


This image is a video capture of the closest lightning strike I've ever experiences, like I mentioned before it hit just few metres in front of my car into the fence ;el)) ;-9..... :smoke


Ciao!! :ciauz1 :ciauz1

16-08-2006, 22:31
Thanks you guys for all your nice comments, I really appreciate it!! ;pov.. ;10)

Guys I have something more for you...first the closest lightning strike mentioned in my first post, but this time image is croped into the place where it hit, its interesting that it didn't hit the power line on the right, it hit the ground! :smoke


This image is a video capture of the closest lightning strike I've ever experiences, like I mentioned before it hit just few metres in front of my car into the fence ;el)) ;-9..... :smoke


Ciao!! :ciauz1 :ciauz1

MARKO, apri un thread con i 3 scatti che hai fatto oggi sui"stratocumuli stratiformis ondulatus" che ho visto sul tuo sito...........sono fantastiche viste da vicino,io le ho inserite nel thread nowcasting fvg stamattina viste da p.ta olmi (un po' troppo distanti) :ciauz1

old_paolo zamparutti
17-08-2006, 09:33
che spettacolo incredibile

17-08-2006, 09:46
:inchino :inchino :inchino :sm238 :more12 .....mitico, sei il numero 1!!!

old_paolo zamparutti
17-08-2006, 09:46
VICINO MANZANO?????? :candela :inchino

mi pareva di riconoscere la linea elettrica! è quella che mi rompe sempre le balle a me quando cerco di fotografare!!!!

e io ero all'estero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C:(( C:(( C:(( C:(( C:(( C:(( C:(( C:(( C:((

17-08-2006, 13:48
Spettacolare è dire poco. Ero a Cordenons al tennis e insieme a mio fratello notavamo la nascita di questo mostro proprio sopra di noi. Applausi a scena aperta Marko .

17-08-2006, 20:29
Non ho parole ;-9..... ;-9..... ;-9..... ;10)

old_Davide Rosa
18-08-2006, 17:32
SchoKKato, completamente SchoKKato!!!
Che report, Marko, che fantastico report! Mai viste in vita mia foto cosi' belle, dedicate ad un evento che ha interessato le nostre terre!!!
Grazie Marko grazieee!!

E vai di salvataggio in sito del report!!

;10) ;10) ;10)

Davide V

21-08-2006, 15:30
Dire bellissimo è poco!!!

Capolavoro perfetto.....neppure io ho mai visto un simile reportage, la perfezione!!!

Aggiungo che era buio e sei riuscito lo stesso a fare delle foto meravigliose!

Complimenti davvero....mi rimarranno impresse per sempre queste foto!!!


21-08-2006, 15:59
Marko what camera you have?

21-08-2006, 19:51
Grazie a tutti! ;10) ;pov..

Marko what camera you have?
I have a Canon 30D with lens Sigma 17-56mm f/2.8 :ciauz1

21-08-2006, 21:26
ehh my is many different, a Canon 300D

Direttivo M3V
21-08-2006, 23:25
Ed eccolo qua il reportage sul sito, ampliato e revisionato:

http://www.meteotriveneto.it/modules/wf ... ticleid=26 (http://www.meteotriveneto.it/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=26)


22-08-2006, 12:55
Ed eccolo qua il reportage sul sito, ampliato e revisionato:

http://www.meteotriveneto.it/modules/wf ... ticleid=26 (http://www.meteotriveneto.it/modules/wfsection/article.php?articleid=26)


...........SENZA PAROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;el))